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Why Book Corporate Housing with Homesuite?

By Jon Falker

So you're searching for a furnished apartment or house that you can rent by the month and you've come across Homesuite. You could be searching for yourself or searching for a coworker. What exactly are the advantages to booking corporate housing through Homesuite? We outlined our three major advantages.

#1 Reliable and Stress-Free

When you find that perfect furnished apartment and you book it, you want to rest assured that the property manager can't back out at the last minute. Since we have a standardized, digital lease that is built to protect both parties equally, the place you booked is locked in once that lease is mutually signed.

Homesuite also thoroughly vets all property managers, properties, and tenants. This ensures a healthy, trustworthy marketplace. If you are looking for our highest level of property quality, look for a Business Stay Approved property, which can be easily identified in our search results by the briefcase icon.

How to filter Homesuite results by Business Stay Approved status

Homesuite Business Stay Approved icon

Ratings are crucial to the health of any marketplace. On our marketplace, we rate both properties and property managers. When you're browsing a property listing like the example below, you'll see the average rating that past tenants have given the property. 

Then click on the Manager tab and you'll see the average rating that property manager has gotten across all of their Homesuite properties. Note that in order for properties to maintain a Business Stay Approved qualification, one of the requirements is that the property manager must maintain a high degree of responsiveness. So finding a Business Stay Approved property is an easy shortcut to make sure that you'll have an overall excellent experience.

chicago property listing (revised).png

When you click on the Manager tab shown in the red circle above, you'll see that this property manager is an all-star! 

all star host.png

#2 Best Selection

Many corporate housing providers actually lease real estate themselves and then sublet it to you. So they are anything but unbiased; they are trying to steer you towards certain properties. Homesuite is an open marketplace, so property managers list their properties after they've been vetted by Homesuite and then you can immediately book it. Homesuite will never steer you or your company towards any particular property. 

As far as budget is concerned, we have a wide range. Everything from fairly affordable to ultra luxury. There's also an excellent range in style and personality. We have some properties that are in old homes in eclectic neighborhoods with lots of local flavor, like San Francisco's Haight or Los Angeles' Venice Beach and we also have plenty of new, modern apartments in buildings with tons of amenities.

Here's a great example of a super affordable 3BR property in Chicago. $2,015/month for a furnished 3 bedroom apartment means that it breaks down to just $22 per bedroom per night. That's a lot more affordable than a Chicago hotel of the same quality!

Chicago Homesuite 3BR corporate housing

Now here's an example of one of our super luxurious properties: one of the world's most famous homes. The original home of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. Named after the architect, the Kavanaugh House has everything you need for an unforgettable stay in San Francisco. 

Painted Lady (credit @goodbyenikolai)

Painted Ladies San Francisco furnished apartment

#3 Seamless Booking Process

Say you're a corporate travel manager and you need to make a group booking: a team of five employees from New York City need to visit the San Francisco Bay Area for a month-long project. Maybe they all want to share a nice, big house with a pool and a garage. Maybe they just want to be on the same floor in a modern apartment building. Homesuite makes it easy to accommodate these custom group booking requests. Instructions below.

If you're just booking for yourself, it's even easier. Simply apply to the properties you're interested in. Once the host approves your application, you'll get sent our digital lease agreement. When you sign that, you're booked! We'll usher you through the rest of the move-in/move-out process. 

Did your project get extended? Need to extend your lease? No problem. Many of our tenants decide to extend.

Great, Where To From Here?

  • If you have have complex group booking need, please email us at corp.inquiry@yourhomesuite.com
  • If you just need to find a place for yourself or a coworker, run a search on our homepage using your criteria. If you find a place you like, click on the Contact Manager button to be connected to that host.
  • If you have no immediate need and would just like to get our most attractive apartments emailed to you once per month (no spam guarantee), click this orange button and fill out the brief form.

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About Homesuite

Homesuite is a leading provider of monthly furnished rentals and corporate housing for business travel. Homesuite homes combine the comfort of home with the professionalism of a hotel. Our customers include Google, Facebook, Microsoft and thousands of smaller businesses. In addition to our business offering, we also serve individuals traveling for work and personal reasons. Founded in 2014, we operate across the United States with specific focus in large urban markets. #HomesuiteHome

by Jon Falker

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