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What Is Corporate Housing?

By Zachary Foisie

Maybe you’re moving to Silicon Valley for the long haul and, well, maybe you’re not. Maybe you happen to be an intern or traveling businessperson looking for housing for a month or two. Generally, in this scenario, you may be presented with two options. Hotels or corporate housing. Trust me when I say you are probably going to prefer the latter, but what is corporate housing?

San Francisco furnished apartment

It’s in the right location. Corporate housing is called that for a reason and that reason is because the facilities are generally located very near to your place of business, including popular amenities like restaurants and shopping. This often saves the employees like you money in the form of transportation costs. Why rent a car when you could ride a bike or even walk to work?

It’s homey like a house! Nearly all furnished apartment options offer you the same amenities that you can get in a traditional housing setting, with no long-term lease agreements.  Kitchen, gym, pool, and laundry. If you find corporate apartments in the suburbs, you’ll have the very same comforts of home, because, well, you’ll be living in a house. Some places will even allow you to bring your pets!

It’s quiet. Hotels are great for spring break and vacations but they aren’t conducive to working late hours or maintaining a sense of privacy. Hotel staff are paid to be alert to the needs of their patrons and are often overly-attentive. Executive apartments can better provide that sense of privacy and seclusion that many working adults need. 

It’s more affordable.  If you’re going to be in a hotel for more than a month, you’re better off looking for furnished apartment options. As we said above, they offer the same amenities that traditional apartments or housing offer, but for a short-term. Also, often large corporations will pay stipend or provide for your housing while you’re in the area. 

They’re spacious. Let’s be honest. Living out of a suitcase for one to three months is hard. You know what else is hard? Living in one room for three months and unless you’ve got an expensive hotel suite, that’s what you’re looking at when you choose a hotel over corporate apartment options. With an executive apartment's larger space, you can entertain those friends you’re making with your killer cooking skills. Because, you know, you’ll actually have a kitchen.

If you’re a business traveler looking for short-term housing options, skip the hotel and head straight to an organization like Homesuite. They’ll help you take the hassle out of housing on your next temporary assignment. The next time someone asks "what is corporate housing," you'll have the right answer. 

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by Zachary Foisie

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