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What Are The Different Types Of Rentals?

By Zachary Foisie

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We seldom notice when our lives run smoothly. Work is enjoyable, friends are happy, families are healthy, and our finances are in order. Then life strikes when we least expect it, and can even hurt the roofs over our heads.

  • hiccups happen when we move,
  • vacation plans get scrambled,
  • sudden work relocation grabs us,
  • apartments can flood,
  • homes get destroyed by surprise volcanoes,
  • people shot-gun marriages,
  • and bosses send us afar at the last second.

When life throws us a curve ball, we need to pick a place to call home before we find a new one for the long term.

We know how overwhelming it is to pick a place to live temporarily, and we even know that picking the type of place to live in is an entirely different beast. Should I stick to a hotel? Do I need something furnished? Can’t I use Airbnb? I’ve never thought about homeownership, so is it right for me? Seriously, what are the types of rentals and which one do I need?

If you are currently overwhelmed weighing the benefits of each type of rental, look no further. We’ve complied quick facts to help you make an intelligent decision for your next stay.


Disruptive travel economy platform where users can list or book shared rooms or entire houses by the night. This type of rental is popular with younger working professionals, travelers looking to beat hotel taxes and fees, and those who love to mix it up.


The flagship boarding option for travel or transplantation, with offerings from independent bed-and-breakfasts to international chains. This type of rental is ideal for vacationers and business travelers who prefer a traditional approach.

Furnished Rentals

Short-term, fully furnished living solutions from studios to entire homes, with stays ranging from one month to one year. This type of rental is perfect for corporate housing, travel nurses, consultants, and those waiting for money in escrow for near future home ownership.

Home Ownership

The terminal living option, where individuals purchase or mortgage a townhouse or stand alone structure with private land ownership included. This type of rental ...isn't even a rental! Welcome home to your permanent home!


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by Zachary Foisie

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