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The Definitive Guide to Finding Corporate Housing in San Jose

By Jon Falker

Definitive Guide to Corporate Housing in San Jose

The San Jose area is home to many massive international businesses, such as Apple, Intel, Adobe, Cisco, Ebay, Netflix and others. These companies are bringing in thousands of new hires and temporary contract workers. Despite a booming economy, finding corporate housing can be a very difficult task. We at Homesuite have put together an overview of finding furnished apartments in San Jose to make it just a bit easier.

(Wondering what exactly the definition of "corporate housing" is? CHPA has a great explainer video here and we have our own here.)

Basic Information on the San Jose Market

map of San Jose, California

Locations: Finding the right location for corporate apartments is essential. You want your employee to be housed near the office for work, shopping and restaurants for after work and transportation for getting around. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Airport: San Jose International Airport (SJC) is conveniently located near to the center of the city and very accessible by the major highways. It also has more on-time flights and less congestion than other major Bay Area airports like SFO and OAK. There's a good Bay Area airport comparison here.
  • Transportation: Driving is usually a must in San Jose. The major transport arteries are interstates 101 and 280 which head up into Silicon Valley, 680 and 880 which head up to the East Bay. If you want to lower your carbon footprint and not deal with traffic headaches, check out the area's public transportation options here.
  • Business locations: Unlike San Francisco and many other cities, the business activity in San Jose is widely distributed, not just in downtown. You need to research the exact location of the business your employee is visiting and make sure to book housing close to it - just booking in downtown is not sufficient.
  • Shopping and restaurants: If it makes sense for your business location, try to book housing near San Jose’s most popular shopping center, Santana Row. Santana Row is located near the intersection of 280 and 880. It is also right next to the Westfield Valley Mall, which is also a major shopping destination.
  • Areas to avoid: Below is a crime map in San Jose from Neighborhood Scout. Like many cities, the central core has more crime than the outlying areas.

    crime map of San Jose, California
  • Surrounding areas to consider: If you are having trouble finding housing in San Jose itself, try looking Santa Clara or Sunnyvale. They are close to San Jose and generally have many executive apartment options. The east and south side of San Jose are quite affordable, but there are fewer furnished apartment options.

Dates: The key thing to know about corporate housing dates in San Jose is that it is highly seasonal.

  • Jan - Feb is the low season for housing in general. There is normally a lot of availability and prices are at their lowest point for the year.
  • Mar - Jun is the high season. Not only do prices often increase by more than double, there is also limited availability. If you need a monthly furnished apartment during this time of year, make sure to book in advance and if you find a place you like, book it quickly!
  • Jul - Sep is the shoulder season. There is more availability, but prices are still high.
  • Oct - Dec is a low season. Generally, you will find higher availability and lower prices.

Prices: According to the most recent data from the Highland Group, corporate apartment nightly rates in the San Jose area are $205 per night or $6,150 per month. With Homesuite, it is possible to find monthly furnished rentals for under $50 per person per night.
Corporate housing average prices in San Jose

Illustration: Corporate apartment prices over time (from the Highland Group)

Bedrooms: If you have multiple employees coming in, consider renting a larger, multi-bedroom unit rather than multiple separate units. Larger units tend to be less expensive per room. Additionally, since serviced apartments come with private bedrooms, business travelers often enjoy having someone to share space with (as long as they have their own private bedroom). If you are wondering about how many people to put in a unit, in California, the rule of thumb for the maximum number of people in rental unit is 2 times the number of bedrooms plus 1. So 3 people is the maximum you can put in a one bedroom, 5 in a two bedroom, etc.

Now that you know the area, you are ready to begin selecting your business travel housing. We list some San Jose options below. If you'd like more general tips that apply to any city, check out our separate blog post for our checklist for finding corporate housing for your employees.

Furnished apartment providers in San Jose, CA

Relocation Express


Relocation Express is a local option. They are a small business that is based in Santa Clara, CA (right next to San Jose). With Relocation Express you will get a more personal touch with units that are hand-furnished by their small team. You can find more info about them here.

Oakwood Worldwide

If budget is not an issue, Oakwood is one of the largest serviced apartment providers in the world and they have many standing rental units in the San Jose area. They can provide you some high quality, hotel-like options. You can find more information here.

Key Housing Connections

Key Housing is based in nearby Mountain View, CA and provides service across all of California. They are a small, local business that has operated in the area for many years. They do not maintain standing inventory, rather they take orders and will then acquire the inventory and set it up. This allows them to highly customize their inventory. You can find more information about them here.

Homesuite furnished monthly apartments

Homesuite is a monthly furnished apartment/home rental housing marketplace. They curate local landlords that have high-quality, business-ready furnished properties and list them on an easy to use housing marketplace interface. Additionally, Homesuite’s platform provides online leasing and payment options. You can browse our San Jose listings with real time pricing and availability.


Many people go straight to Craigslist when looking for short term housing. It's risky. Craigslist in the San Francisco Bay Area is crowded with scams. We recommend you avoid it when looking for a serviced apartment.

Best of luck with your search!

If you're a corporate travel manager and you'd like more info on corporate housing, we've got a ton of resources for you here.


Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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by Jon Falker

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