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Searching for Long Term Housing in the Bay Area

By Zachary Foisie

searching for long term housing in the bay area

If you’re moving out to the Bay Area, there are plenty of helpful sites to help you find long term housing. Before you begin the move, start searching by send a message out to your social media networks. You might end up knowing somebody who knows somebody that has just the right place for you. Here are some safe go-to's when searching for long term housing in the Bay Area:

searching for long term housing in the bay area

Craigslist – Use craigslist with a bit of caution, but overall the San Francisco based-marketplace is the first choice for buying and selling pretty much anything locally, including apartments, real estate, rental property, sublets, roommates, etc. There are plenty of temporary and short term options on Craigslist.

searching for long term housing in the bay area

San Francisco Chronicle Classifieds – Remember the olden’ days when people would place ads in the printed newspaper classifieds? You may not, but it really did happen. Nowadays, the San Francisco Chronicle classifieds is also online, so you won’t have to wait by your mailbox all day long. You can search for housing directly on the Chronicle's online classifieds.

searching for long term housing in the bay area

Apartment Guide – Other than the search functionality being a little user unfriendly, this website actually had quite a bit of options. Wrestle with it for a while, and you may get right filters in place to find your temporary spot. Apartment Guide is the older, semi-mature version of Craigslist. Searching is funky, but you're bound to find a decent selection of long term housing here.

searching for long term housing in the bay area

Yelp - While Yelp is quite the hot spot in finding the best restaurant or bar to go to, many people do not realize you can use it to find the housing as well. You can search by neighborhood, walking distance and features. Plus, with Yelp you can read reviews during your search, too!

searching for long term housing in the bay area

Homesuite -  If you're looking for a short term range, somewhere around one to three months, reach out to us for the hook up. We have an inventory of many high quality listings that are vetted by Your HomeSuite personnel. It is the best curated inventory you will find anywhere. Our short term furnished housing options are an excellent option!

If you’re not 100% settled on the area of town you are going to live in, try broadening your search as much as possible to improve the overall selection. Why limit yourself when there are so many pockets of nice livable areas to choose from?

by Zachary Foisie

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