How to Boost Rental Property Income

The short-term rental market is constantly growing. New listings are added to various online platforms daily. As the competition grows, you may be wondering - how can you boost your rental income? Your rental listing is the first thing tenants see, and leaving a great first impression is important for driving traffic, reducing turnover, and boosting rental income. But what exactly do tenants want to see in your listing? It can be difficult to know what information to include. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of your future tenants to get a better idea.

Here are five tips for writing the best rental listing:

Photography for property listings

#1 Photos, photos, photos.

There’s no need to hire a professional to photograph your property. Grab your iPhone and follow these simple tips!

In this case, less is not more. You can never have too many photos. The more photos tenants can scroll through, the more excited they will be about your rental. Instead of shooting the same thing multiple times, try to capture a variety of subjects. Give tenants a sense of the layout of your rental. Shoot indoor and outdoor spaces. Do you have an awesome backyard patio? A colorful front door? An amazing view? A coffee machine? Show your future tenants with photos!

Light is a photographer’s best friend. In addition to shooting multiple spaces, both inside and outside, and any special features or amenities, pay attention to light. For beautiful and professional looking photos, shoot during the day, in well lit spaces, and in landscape mode.

Amenities for property listings

#2 Amenities.

Another way to capture curiosity is to highlight all the amenities included in your rental. It can be easy to forget to list the things that surround you daily, but be sure to provide your future tenants with a specific list of all the amenities.

Though certain details may seem obvious to you, tenants want to know exactly what to expect, and a great selection of amenities will leave a lasting impression.

Do you have a fully-equipped kitchen? Dishwasher? Gym? Air Conditioning? Of course it is important to list these basic amenities, but also consider including the less obvious amenities. For example, do you have a manual for confusing electronics? Take the time to think about what makes your rental unique.

pet-friendly apartments

#3 Get specific.

Landlords can easily forget the things that don’t fall under a specific category. The more details you provide your future tenants in your rental listing, the more easily they can imagine their lives in your rental. This is especially important for tenants looking to stay for several months (see also: nightly vs monthly rentals). 

Parking? Many tenants relocating for several months will be traveling by car. If your property has parking, be sure to let your future tenants know! Especially in big cities, a parking space can make or break a booking.

Utilities? Don’t just list them, detail them. Provide your tenants with all instructions for accessing wifi, cable TV, and a morning cup of coffee.

Laundry? Again, this is particularly important for tenants looking for a place to call home for a few months. Though less important for a weekend getaway, your future tenants want to know whether or not your property includes laundry.

Pets? Though this may seem like a minor detail, pet friendly rentals are in high demand. According to, pet friendly rentals receive twice as many inquiries over non pet friendly units.

location description in property listings

#4 Location.

Whether searching for a furnished rental for a quick trip or a more permanent stay, location is a key factor for most tenants. Future tenants typically don’t care about a specific address. Instead, they want to get an idea of the general location of your rental.

Give your future tenants a sense of what it would be like to live in a great neighborhood like the Bay Area. Is the street a quiet little haven, or is it next to a noisy freeway? Is it within walking distance of restaurants, shops, and nightlife? Orient your future guests. Allow them to envision their lives when reading your rental listing.

describe your property's personality

#5 Got personality?

As more and more rentals are appearing on online rental platforms, it’s important to distinguish your rental listing to attract tenants successfully. Tenants don’t want to see personal, but they do want to see personality. Whether in writing or photos, capture the character of your rental. Include something unique that tenants will remember.

When viewing your rental listing, tenants want to imagine their future lives. Scrolling through the thousands of listings, tenants will be more attracted to those that help them do so. For a successful booking, give your future tenants a taste of what it’s like to live in your space with beautiful photos, detailed descriptions, and a hint of personality.