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Relocating To San Francisco? Check Out Our Quick Guide!

By Zachary Foisie


We heard you are relocating to San Francisco! 2nd Address is based in San Francisco, so we would love to share some quick tips and tricks to help your upcoming move be as painless as possible.

Quick Moving & Relocation Tips:

Plan Ahead. Plan your move during the weekends and at least a few days before your expected starting work day. Those few days before work will give you a chance to acclimate to your new surroundings.

Pick a Neighborhood. Do some research and pick a neighborhood you think will fit your personality best. The younger crowd might enjoy the Marina, whereas an older crowd would prefer Noe Valley.

Find a Furnished Rental. Furnished rentals are the best way to make a transition to a new area as painless as possible. The beauty of moving into a fully furnished rental is most of the moving is done for you! All the furniture, cups, plates, cutlery, TVs, and light fixtures are there waiting for you. Plus, all the utilities are switched on and ready to rock. All you need is your clothes, computer, food, and whatever else you like to bring with you. At 2nd Address, we have hundreds of furnished units ready for immediate occupancy. Best of all, many of our properties are pet-friendly! Read our post on why furnished rentals are best for new transplants here.

Logical Logistics. Make sure you've touched base with your future landlord (or with our Ops Team at 2nd Address) prior to your move in so you know 1) how to get the key, 2) where to park, and 3) any specific last minute details regarding your upcoming stay.

Relax. Last but not least, the best thing you can do is relax. This is the easiest move you'll ever have to make. Seriously. It's like checking into a hotel room, but better. There is nothing you need to focus on except looking forward to living in a new city.

Planning Further Ahead. Furnished rentals are the best option when relocating, but it's best to plan for the long term. While relaxing in your furnished rental, you'll have a few months to a year to figure out where you want to settle down permanently. Use this time to budget and plan for future home ownership or long term rentals in an unfurnished rental.

Couple painting their house and holding a Pantone.jpeg

Here is why you should use 2nd Address if you are relocating to San Francisco:

We know how overwhelming relocation to a new city can be. We’re here to help making relocation easy. We operate in four major metropolitan areas, and we love to help people not just find a place to live, but to help them get around in a new city.

There are several options at your disposal when relocating to a new city. Airbnb is the first natural choice in today's age. With thousands of on-demand rooms for rental, Airbnb is fast and easy. However, like hotels, the costs of staying in an Airbnb add up quickly scaling across multiple weeks and months. While staying in an Airbnb rental, you are also at the mercy of the host and must adhere to their rules and regulations, both written and verbal.

At 2nd Address, our rentals fully furnished just like Airbnb, yet unlike many Airbnb rentals, you have the entire place to yourself. The kitchen is yours to use as you see fit, the refrigerator is entirely yours, and you can do what you want, when you want.

Airbnb and hotels are perfect for a one or two night stay, but when you are relocating to a new place for months, you'll need a real location to call home. Not only is San Francisco our headquarters, but it is also our largest market. We have more listings available in San Francisco and the Bay Area than our other markets.


Even More Reasons To Consider 2nd Address Over Airbnb And Hotels:

Fully Furnished. All of our properties are fully furnished and move-in ready. Pack your clothes and forget furniture shopping. The only thing you need to move is your bags!

Studios To Entire Homes. We have studios to homes to everything in between. Our smallest listing is approximately 900 square feet and our largest listing tops out at three bedrooms and three baths..

Vetted Landlords And Properties. Our Hosts and their properties are vetted and guaranteed to be up to our standards. Our listings are 100% accurate so you know what you will be renting before moving in. The only thing you’ll be surprised by is how awesome 2nd Address is!

Utilities Included. A few of our Hosts have taken the brunt for your stay, so some of our properties come with utilities included. Although there is a utility cap (approximately $300 on most properties), you’ll find it difficult to break the cap.

Furry Friends Welcomed. Yes, that is correct. We have pet-friendly options so you can bring your dogs and cats of any size and age with you to San Francisco. Best of all, San Francisco has multiple dog parks.

Intuitive Searching. On our site, you can narrow down your search criteria to include options such as onsite laundry and off site parking, for example.

We Care. We have dedicated, onsite customer care representatives on call 24/7. Call us up at anytime with questions, comments, complaints, or compliments. We’d love to chat to better understand your problems to formulate the best solution.

Quick Guide & Useful Info For New Transplants:

The Bay Area. San Francisco is the de facto seat of the Bay Area - a large metropolitan coastal conglomerate composed of eleven counties surrounding a bay of water on the Pacific Ocean. Each county is further broken down into several cities except for San Francisco, which is both a county and a city. The Bay Area is cut into distinct “Bays,” which is helpful when referring to a general area of the Bay Area. San Francisco is called “The City,” the East Bay is the area directly east of San Francisco and includes Berkeley, Oakland, and Walnut Creek, for example, South Bay refers to everything south of the East Bay and wraps around the bottom of the Bay Area to the Silicon Valley, which is also referred to as “The Peninsula,” the area directly south of San Francisco and includes Palo Alto and Menlo Park, and lastly, the North Bay refers to the general area directly north of San Francisco and extends into Napa Valley aka “Wine Country.” Read this post with great tips about having fun in Napa and Sonoma.

Airports. We have three major international airports serving the Bay Area. San Francisco International (SFO) is located in South San Francisco, Oakland International (OAK) is located on the Alameda island, and San Jose International (SJC) is in the South Bay. SFO is the best airport for San Francisco bound passengers, Oakland is the best airport the East Bay, and San Jose is the best airport for South Bay and Silicon Valley bound travelers.

view over Bay Bridge into downtown San Francisco

Bridges. There are eight major bridges connecting various parts of the Bay Area together. All eight major bridges are ‘toll bridges’ and require cash or the use of Fastrak, California’s wireless toll pass transponder system. The Bay Bridge (pictured above) connects the East Bay to San Francisco, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge (pictured below) connects San Francisco to Marin County and the rest of the North Bay.

san francisco's golden gate bridge

Subway. The Bay Area has a single subway system, dubbed BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Taking BART is easy and requires either a ticket (purchased at ticket stalls inside the station) or a Clipper Card. BART reaches most of the East Bay and parts of the South Bay and extends into San Francisco down to SFO International. Muni Metro is a hybrid above ground/below ground train car and subway system exclusively serving San Francisco. Both BART and Muni take Clipper Cards - the Bay Area’s uniform public transportation payment card similar to New York City’s Metro Card.

Freeways. Interstate 80 peels apart into several child freeways (80/880/280/680/580). “The Maze,” a sprawling knot of freeways and on ramps in Oakland, is known to be saturated with heavy traffic between the weekday hours of 6am to 10am and 4pm to 7pm. The Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to the Oakland Bridge, holds I-80 and is the worst offender for traffic during the weekday commute as it collects the majority of traffic from the Maze.

the MacArthur Maze oakland_freeways

Good Things To Know:

Local Lexicon. San Francisco is referred to as “The City,” never “Frisco” or “San Fran” by denizens. If someone in the broader Bay Area says they are going to the City, they are referring to San Francisco. Use BART in a sentence by omitting the article "the" before it. For example, "BART is running late" is the appropriate usage, whereas "The BART is slow today" is incorrect.

Sports Teams. The Bay Area is home to several professional sports teams across different leagues. The San Francisco Giants (National League) and The Oakland A’s (American League) are the Bay Area’s professional baseball teams, the San Francisco 49ers (NFC) and Oakland Raiders (AFC) for football, The Golden State Warriors (Pacific Division), who play in Oakland, for basketball, and the San Jose Sharks (Pacific Division) for hockey.

Traffic. Expect typical traffic patterns while living in San Francisco. During the weekdays, expect traffic to be heavy flowing into San Francisco during the mornings and heavy following out in the evenings. Traffic is unavoidable during the weekdays, yet traffic is atypical on the weekends and only occurs as a result of an accident or major event; however, traffic will always slow through the I-80 artery in the Berkeley/Emeryville area, both north and southbound. The Bay Area has mild traffic compared to Los Angeles.

Ferries. There are several ferry companies that run ferries across the waters of the Bay Area. Most ferries double as commuter shuttles during the weekday. In addition, most ferry boats have cafes, serving a full menu expected in a typical land-based cafe. Some ferry cafes serve alcohol, too. Ferries are an excellent way to get around the Bay Area, especially for commuters living in the North Bay commuting to San Francisco. Your Clipper Card, should you buy one, is only accepted on East Bay ferry routes.

Ride Sharing. San Francisco is home to Lyft and Uber, so ride sharing options are virtually endless at any hour. Although San Francisco Taxi's do not hold the same reputation as they do in New York City for being smelly and scary, Lyft and Uber users can take advantage of serious discount pricing while riding inside San Francisco city limits.

Staying Safe While Exploring. The cold waters off the coast of San Francisco and Marin County attract seals and seal lions, which in turn attract sharks. Exercise caution while swimming in open water. Although the surf zones in San Francisco, Marin, and Santa Cruz counties are moderate at worst, the surf zone around Half Moon Bay is to be avoided at all costs. Swells can reach 40 feet in winter! Wildlife in San Francisco is virtually nonexistent, yet outside San Francisco, most of the Bay Area touches open nature preserves, which many wild animals (including mountain lions and bears) call home.


Need Even More?

Make sure to check into the 2nd Address Blog for upcoming detailed City & Neighborhood Guides, starting with San Francisco!

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*we do not offer moving services because all of our properties are fully furnished!

by Zachary Foisie

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