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Finding a Partner for Corporate Housing is a Landlord’s Secret Weapon
By Blueground on April 12, 2019

It’s a dream for landlords and property owners: a reliable tenant who has a high income to pay on time, is willing to shell out a higher margin...

Intern Housing

The True Cost of Internship—And How to Save Money?
By Allison Fess on April 3, 2019

After hundreds of applications and multiple rounds of intensive interviews, you finally scored your dream internship! As summer inches closer, you...

Revenue, Corporate Housing

The Best Corporate Housing Websites in 2019
By David Adams on March 28, 2019

For the longest time, corporate housing has been an offline market where business travelers and booking agents communicated with property managers...

Revenue, Intern Housing

Summer Intern Housing - Bay Area in 2019
By Anton Javelosa on February 20, 2019

Every year, students around the country vie for internships with top companies like Uber, Google, and Facebook. It’s a grueling process to say the...

Announcements, Investments

On the Move
By Chung-Man Tam on February 4, 2019

I’m thrilled to announce that 2nd Address has raised $10 million in new funding to further our mission of making it possible to simply and...

Announcements, Corporate Housing

New Security Allowance - Modernizing housing for business travelers at 2nd Address
By Jose Arocha on January 25, 2019

  Larry Woodworth is a business consultant and frequent traveler in the US. Last September he scheduled a one-month trip to L.A. to work with a...


Know the Difference: Corporate Housing and Airbnb
By Anton Javelosa on January 16, 2019

Airbnb can probably be considered the Uber of travel and lodging. Not only has it disrupted hotels and homestays, but it has forever changed the...



2nd Address Now Open for Business in the DC Metro Area
By Anton Javelosa on November 30, 2018

2nd Address is driven to bring today’s housing market to newer and more sustainable heights by connecting people to premium furnished units for...


Thanksgiving discounts at 2nd Address
By Jose Arocha on November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving promotional discounts have arrived to 2nd Address for all our customers!