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Networking and Career Development for Corporate Travel Managers

By Jon F.

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As they say, "your network is your net worth". If you work in corporate travel management or employee mobility/relocation, you're in luck. There are a few strong industry trade groups that really help with networking and career development. We've provided an easy overview of four of the leaders here. If we missed any that you're a big fan of, let us know in the comments and we'll add in a later update.

ACTE - The Association of Corporate Travel Executives

  • Summary: As its name implies, ACTE is focused on people at the executive level. It is a global association with members in more than 100 countries. Membership is at the individual level as opposed to company level, but if several people from your company want to join, ACTE is willing to consider group discounts. ACTE "does not distinguish between buyers, suppliers and travel management companies" in their membership profiles.
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GBTA - Global Business Travel Association

  • Summary: GBTA, like ACTE, is focused on business travel management. The scope is a bit broader, since it is not explicitly for executives. Otherwise, they are quite similar. They're both fairly large, established institutions with a global membership. There are four types of GBTA membership: Direct Membership, Allied Membership, Education/Government/Non-Profit Direct Membership, and All Access Membership. 
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Worldwide ERC® - Worldwide Employee Relocation Council

  • Summary: Worldwide ERC differs from ACTE and GBTA in that it's focused on employee mobility and relocation, which is distinct from corporate travel management. The simplest way to think about this difference is that travel managers are most often concerned with relatively short-term round trips while mobility is more about longer term relocation. Worldwide ERC has six different membership types: Corporate Membership, Mobility Service Membership, Personal/Professional Membership, Relocation Appraiser, Real Estate Broker, and Relocation Management Company.
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BAMM - Bay Area Mobility Management

  • Summary: If you're in the Bay Area and working in the employee mobility/relocation field, it definitely makes sense for you to join BAMM. On top of having a great acronym, they are a well-respected and well-run local mobility organization. BAMM has over 400 individual members.
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Other resources:

  • MeetUp: We couldn't find any active MeetUp groups related to business travel management or employee relocation, but you can always create your own!
  • Shapr: An app that blends Tinder and LinkedIn to make casual, one-on-one networking easy. We've used it and it gets our stamp of approval. Since meeting one person for coffee is generally a lot less awkward feeling than going to a big networking event, it makes networking easier and more enjoyable.

Other LinkedIn Groups:

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and make some connections. While the idea of networking is cringe-worthy to many people, it's a critical part of a successful career. Besides, great industry groups and apps like these take at least some of the discomfort out of it for introverts.

Want to learn more? We've got a ton of resources for corporate travel managers here.

networking tips for corporate travel managers

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Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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by Jon F.

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