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Most and Least Expensive California Towns for Corporate Housing

By Jon Falker


Our landlords (and tenants for that matter) are always interested in furnished apartment pricing trends, especially when it comes to corporate housing. So we've crunched some fresh data to show some of the most and least expensive California towns for corporate housing on the Homesuite platform. As you browse the data below, you'll notice that we're using Price Per Bedroom. It should be noted that since 2+ bedroom apartments and houses tend to cost a lot less in rent per bedroom than studios/1BRs, the higher the multi-bedroom density in that particular town or neighborhood, the more affordable the Price/Bedroom will appear.

SF Bay Area:

Least Expensive Areas  Price/Bedroom
Marin $1,380
San Jose $1,725
Oakland $1,821
Redwood City $1,993
Richmond $2,008
Santa Clara $2,156



  • Marin is an excellent relative value! It's one of the most beautiful areas in the SF Bay Area and yet one of the most affordable when it comes to monthly furnished apartments. People shopping for corporate housing in or near San Francisco should definitely check out Marin options on Homesuite. The commute in to San Francisco from Marin isn't bad and you can commute on the ferry!
Most Expensive Areas Price/Bedroom
Atherton $9,583
San Mateo $5,927
San Jose $5,634
Palo Alto $5,291
Rincon Hill $5,198
SF - Marina $5,153



  • Atherton has long been known as one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States, so we're not terribly surprised at this huge number. One thing to keep in mind though: there aren't many apartment buildings in Atherton, so most of the Homesuite options there are free-standing homes, many with beautiful yards and a bit of luxurious privacy. So you're getting a lot more space and a lot more real estate than if you were booking in a Marina apartment.


All of Northern California:

Least Expensive Areas  Price/Bedroom
Sacramento $739
Sonoma $1,323
Marin $1,380
San Leandro $1,666
Contra Costa $1,725
San Jose $1,725



  • Sacramento is a deal! A 1BR for $739 means that you're paying just $24.67 per night over a minimum stay of 30 days. That's a lot less expensive than a hotel and a lot more value and comfort.


Los Angeles Area:

Least Expensive Areas  Price/Bedroom
Pasadena $1,195
Buena Park $1,400
Boyle Heights $1,428
Van Nuys $1,456
Garden Grove $1,456



  • Pasadena is another great deal! It's a beautiful suburb of Los Angeles, and is home to the Rose Bowl and Caltech. The commute into downtown LA is not bad. 
Most Expensive Areas Price/Bedroom
Pacific Palisades $7,379
Westwood $6,149
Downtown LA $5,301
Malibu $4,766
Irvine $4,704
Brentwood $4,638



  • Many people might be surprised to see Downtown LA (DTLA) on this list of most expensive furnished monthly housing neighborhoods in the LA area. One likely factor is that there have been a lot of new residential construction projects in DTLA over the past decade and many are upscale, chock full of excellent modern amenities. 


All of Southern California

Least Expensive Areas  Price/Bedroom
San Bernadino $756
Covina $896
Pasadena $1,195
Hawthorne $1,307
Long Beach $1,392
Riverside $1,400



  • When you look at this chart and realize that Pasadena is one of the most affordable corporate housing markets not just in Greater Los Angeles, but in all of Southern California, it makes us want to jump on one of these deals. 


In conclusion, while the conversation is usually about how much real estate prices have shot up recently and the assumptions are that corporate housing is too pricey, there are actually some great furnished apartment deals to be found out there. Have any other local market insights? Feel free to comment on this post. We'll continue to crunch our data and post interesting trends, analysis and insights here on our blog. You can get that automatically delivered to your inbox by subscribing on this page.

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by Jon Falker

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