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HR-Approved Corporate Housing Versus Home-Sharing

By Jon Falker

Business travel is changing quickly and a lot of that change is being driven by the explosion in the sharing economy. The use of home sharing sites like Airbnb is on the rise. The use of car sharing services like Uber and Lyft is on the rise. Corporate policy is not quite keeping up. The Global Business Travel Association did some great research highlighting the gap in what employees perceived is permitted by their companies' HR or travel teams versus what is actually permitted. Note that only 17% of corporate travel managers actually allow home-sharing in their travel policy. 

GBTA - chasm between real and perceived home sharing travel policies

Homesuite, and corporate housing more broadly, fits into a nice slot between hotels and Airbnb. It's not as informal as home-sharing. Some key differences:

  • Homesuite stays are monthly, with a one month minimum. So our property owners and tenants avoid the whole short-term housing legislative debate. Short-term housing is defined as housing for less than 30 days.
  • Homesuite's properties are not someone's primary residence. They are usually investment properties that are professionally managed. That means that they are less cluttered and often cleaner. They all adhere to Homesuite's strict standards, including WiFi, kitchen, fully furnished and more. 
  • Since we're used to working with business travelers, we allow billing flexibility: if the traveler would like to pay him or herself because they're getting a stipend, that's fine. On the other hand, if you'd prefer to have your employer pay directly on your behalf, that's also fine. 
  • Working with Homesuite fully complies with the "Duty of Care" that companies morally and legally owe their traveling employees. 

For more, check our our post on 5 Differences Between Corporate Housing and Airbnb.

So Homesuite isn't a home-sharing site and we don't offer "short-term housing". We're a monthly, furnished housing option that is as professional and reliable as a hotel, but with greater comfort and more attractive, convenient places than a cookie-cutter hotel room. It's also a lot more affordable than a hotel over a 30+ day stay.

With the business travel industry evolving so quickly, we can't blame corporate travel managers for not evolving policy faster. When it comes to home-sharing, they have some legitimate reasons to hesistate. But we'd like to make sure you have the best options available to you when you travel for business. In that spirit, we've created an email template you can use to send your company's HR managers or corporate travel managers to make them aware of Homesuite. Simply click here, then update the email address in the email that pops open.


 If you're a corporate travel manager and would like to learn more about corporate housing, we can help. Start here.

by Jon Falker

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