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The Best Housing For Interns In the Bay Area

By Zachary Foisie

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The Best Housing For Interns In The Bay Area!

Rejoice! Housing for interns in the Bay Area isn't a pipe dream, but before we dish out our favorite options, let's look at the top housing option contenders for interns in the Bay Area.

Naturally, we have several strong contenders: Airbnb is the first option that comes to mind, followed by rooming with friends or family who happen to live in or near San Francisco, there's subletting a room on Craigslist, and lastly, searching for a traditional apartment to move into and live in for the summer.

#1 Traditional Apartments

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Traditional apartments are the natural, go-to choice for stays lasting a few years. However, traditional apartments don't do a great job filling in the awkward gap between a few weeks and a few months, as most unfurnished properties require you to sign a one-year lease. Your internship will last three months at the longest, so why bother having to move in all your furniture if you have to move it all out 12 weeks later?

Here are some pain points with traditional apartments:

  • Searching is a hassle we are all too familiar with.
  • Hefty deposits and cleaning fees are included; utilities are not.
  • Higher rental rates for a shorter duration lease.
  • Purchasing and moving furniture in and out within a three month period.
  • No guarantee of pet friendly options.

#2 Rooming With a Friend

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Rooming with a family member or friends is great. You are already familiar with each other, and the place is move-in ready. However, not all of us have this luxury nor the network large enough to have family and friends across the country. For those of us who do, great! But not all of us can.

Here are some pain points if you decide to room with a friend:

  • Zero guarantee family and friends won't back out.
  • It's only viable if you have connections in the potential market.
  • No legally binding contacts outside of informal verbal agreements.
  • Zero choice in the location or amenities.
  • What if you simply don't enjoy living in such close quarters with them?

#3 Airbnb

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Airbnb is the new Hallmark for travel accommodations. You can book any size place in virtually any market, from a single bunk bed in a hacker home in Menlo Park to an entire cabin in Switzerland. But what makes Airbnb great also gives Airbnb it's biggest pitfalls:

  • Besides miscellaneous fees and taxes, property rates are subject to surcharges.
  • As a marketplace, there's no guarantee for tenants concerning expectations versus reality.
  • "Weekend rates" become exponentially expensive when scaled over three months.
  • You are at the mercy of an independent landlord.

#4 Subletting On Craigslist

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Subletting on Craigslist has been the new standard option for a long time. It's a classic move. Everything is furnished, the prices are great, and the options are practically endless in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Still, searching for housing on Craigslist isn't glamorous: The plain text HTML is cold and unwelcoming, duplicate listings throw curve balls, and scams, fake listings, and general thievery run rampant. In addition:

  • Roommate nightmares are practically guaranteed.
  • Subletting legality varies from building to building.
  • ...the property may not exist because you fell victim to another scam.
  • Lack of vetting process means listed properties may not match expectations.
  • Zero autonomy or control as the tenant sets the rules and tone for the apartment.

So what's the best housing option for interns in the Bay Area?

It turns out there's a fourth option...

#5 Furnished Rentals

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Furnished rentals are the fourth - and we think the best - housing option for summer interns working in the Bay Area. All furnished rentals are "move-in" ready, which means you only need to bring your clothes, food, laptop, and toothbrush. Everything, including silverware, pots, pans, and towels, is already waiting for you. Best of all:

  • All utilities are included.
  • Simplicity of moving in and out - never move heavy furniture!
  • A furnished rental acts as a home away from home, so you can fly home or travel for a weekend.
  • 100% move-in ready and requires nothing more than a signature and a refundable deposit.
  • Pet friendly options are available.

You can browse our SF Bay Area furnished listings here.

Wait! What happens if I don't have an internship? Can you help?

Of course we can! This blog is the second installment of a three part series geared towards internships. In our first installment, we provided four secret tips to landing an internship. These tips were pooled together from our diverse experiences at Homesuite looking back when we were first starting out. We guarantee our tips still hold true today, as many of our own interns can attest.

We hope we answered all your questions about housing for interns in the Bay Area!


Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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by Zachary Foisie

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