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Homesuite's Preferred Partners For Office Managers and Landlords

By Jon Falker

As an open marketplace for furnished apartments and corporate housing, we have relationships with thousands of property owners, property managers, business travelers, office managers and corporate travel agents. We often get asked if we recommend any partners for various services related to furnished apartments. We do in fact maintain a list of Homesuite preferred partners that we feel are the best in their respective businesses. We'll share a few of those with you here.

On the property owner/manager/landord side, we often get asked for partner recommendations in fields including furniture rental, safety certifications and finding professional property managers. Our favorites in those categories are below.

Furniture Rental: Cort

Cort Furniture rental

Cort Furniture is a leading national provider of rental furniture for housing and events. Some Homesuite property owners prefer to rent furniture for their investment property rather than purchase it. Cort provides a great solution. Of course, if you'd like to purchase, Cort also provides that option, allowing convenient purchase of full room sets via their clearance department.

Safety Certification: DwellWell

DwellWell safety certifications

DwellWell provides safety certifications for short and long-term rentals. DwellWell Certified℠ rentals have been checked for mold, allergens, water safety, fire safety, and more. Enjoy peace of mind with proof that a rental is a safe, family-friendly home away from home. Homesuite's budding partnership with DwellWell is just one more way for you to rest assured that your #Homesuitehome is carefully vetted and Business Stay Approved.

Find Pro Property Managers: Rented.com

rented.com property managers


Some Homesuite property owners actively manage their properties themselves. Others prefer to hire professional property managers to do it for them. This is where Rented.com comes into play. They make it easy to get connected to excellent professional property managers so you can maximize occupancy and tenant satisfaction with minimal effort. 


Our landlords aren't the only ones asking Homesuite for partner recommendations. We often get asked by our corporate tenants and their office managers and executive assistants for recommendations for office caterers, unique event venue rental, office cleaning services and more. Here are our favorites.

Office Catering: Farm Hill

Farm Hill logo.png

Farm Hill makes it easy to share great-tasting, hand-crafted meals with your team. They offer 3 great services for companies: 1) daily employee lunch programs, 2) boxed lunch delivery, and 3) buffet-style catering. Read our blog post for more detail. Get 20% off your office’s first Farm Hill order of $100 or more using code: HomeSuite2017. Start at https://www.farmhill.com/ 

Event Space Rental: Peerspace

peerspace venue rental

Peerspace lets you find and book locations for anything from business meetings to corporate events. Their venues are beautiful and unique...far better than a boring hotel conference room. Browse their site and we're sure you'll be hooked!

Office Cleaning and Services: Eden 

Eden logo.png 

Eden is the office manager's one-stop-shop for everything from office cleaning to IT support to moving offices. We actually use them for our own office and we love them! They do nightly cleanings and they've also helped us move offices and set up IT like WiFi.


Hopefully these partners can help you much as they've helped us! Interested in staying in touch with Homesuite? The most fun way is to get our most attractive property listings delivered to your inbox once per month. Join our list below:

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If you're interested in listing your furnished apartment or home, we've got lots of excellent, free resources for you here. 

by Jon Falker

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