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Homesuite's Fresh New Look

By Jon F.


Homesuite monthly furnished apartments


If you've visited our homepage lately, perhaps you've noticed our fresh new look. It is spring after all. We felt like some freshening up was in order, with your convenience in mind. So what's new?

  1. Cleaner design and easier navigation.
  2. More clear about what Homesuite offers you. For example, if you're a corporate travel manager, executive assistant, or office administrator/manager and you'd like to create a profile for your company to make repeat bookings easier, we've made that process simpler.
  3. More images of actual Homesuite homes so you can get a better feel for the real #HomesuiteHome experience.


Homesuite professional grade corporate housing


What hasn't changed? The three main pillars of the Homesuite service promise remain the same.

  1. Desirability. You'll find a bigger selection of more convenient and more comfortable homes on Homesuite than on any other dedicated corporate housing marketplace.
  2. Affordability. Traditional corporate housing options, hotels and nightly homeshares all have one thing in common: they're very expensive for 30+ day stays. On Homesuite, you can find the same or better comfort for far less money.
  3. Reliability. When you book on Homesuite, you sign a lease with the property owner/manager. That means that your stay is guaranteed. You won't have to worry about the last minute cancelations that sometimes happen with nightly homeshares.

Sandra A. from The InterMed Group says, “Working with Homesuite has alleviated some of the stress of finding business housing for me.  It’s much easier to work with one contact to arrange all my employee’s business housing needs.

What's to come? We have a lot planned. We're striving to make booking professional-grade monthly furnished housing as easy as booking a hotel, especially for small and medium businesses. So you'll see us adding new functionality aimed at making life easier for those valiant corporate travel managers, executive assistants and office administrators.

Speaking of which, April 26th was #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay and since office admins are some of our favorite people in the world, we're also taking this opportunity to launch an enhanced referral reward for folks that refer new corporate accounts to Homesuite. You've always been able to earn a $100 Amazon gift card for every new person you refer to Homesuite who ends up signing a lease through us. Now, you're able to earn a $200 Amazon gift card for any new corporate account you refer!


Homesuite's office manager Deb


How does the new Corporate Account referral program work? Simply make your referral here and if your referral ends up setting up a new corporate account with Homesuite, you'll get your $200 gift card upon that company's first signed lease. When setting up a new Corporate Account, be sure to enter your company's name and use your company email address. 

by Jon F.

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