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How to Find Unique Meeting Rooms While Traveling

By Jon Falker



When you’re tasked with finding accommodations for employees in remote locations, not only is overnight stay important, but so is finding the right meeting space. Instead of opting for hotel boardrooms with dim lighting and dingy floral carpet, there are more inspiring options that your team will love. We’ve teamed up with Peerspace, a peer-to-peer marketplace, to show you what those options look like.

Peerspace lets you find and book locations for anything from business meetings to corporate events. When you’re not there in-person to book the space, this online marketplace makes booking remotely a breeze. Asana’s administrative assistant, Melanie Grant, remarked, “I am constantly planning offsites for teams all over the U.S. and Peerspace has made this task easy! Everyone from the hosts to the customer service reps have been extremely helpful in answering my questions and making sure my offsites go on without a hitch!”

From immersive meeting rooms to urban lofts, check out these meeting spaces and what makes them so great from admins and professionals who have actually booked them.

1) Industrial Warehouse: The Garage SF – Luxury Warehouse


Why admins love it: The Garage is amazing. I chose this space because it has three levels, and one is a roof deck. It also has a living room feel which is entirely non-corporate. This space is like stepping into your hip friend’s SOMA loft for the day. — Salome D., Executive Assistant at AdRoll  

2) Creative loft:  Unique Soho Space  


Why admins love it: The space was perfect for our company offsite meeting. We liked it because we could move between the table and the couches for change of scenery. The technology was state of the art, the facility was clean, and well stocked. Mark was a great host and was available the entire day as we had questions about the music, where to get lunch, etc. — Staci R., CEO at  IdleWilde Inc.

3) Historic offsite space: Philanthropic Club Meeting Room


Why admins love it: “I choose the Historic Meeting room because of its library look. I liked that it also included a balcony so that folks could get fresh air. The host is a gem, and they always include free bottled waters for guests, as well as clean-up services.” — Salome D., Executive Assistant at AdRoll  

4) Outdoor Terrace: Santa Monica Off-site Loft


Why admins love it: “This space was a dream. We ran a workshop here with 20 participants and everyone loved the space! It's such a beautiful space, and a perfect set-up for a creative event.” — Elena I., Project Manager at Hyve

5) Brick loft: Chicago loft with sunset views


Why admins love it: “This space is amazing, especially if you like your meetings to have a great window view! The staff were extremely attentive and very helpful throughout the Marketing meeting and holiday party that I had there. They were quick to respond to my messages, too.”  — Kyala J., Executive Assistant at Griffith Foods Inc.

To explore more offsite and meeting spaces, explore the curated collection on Peerspace.


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by Jon Falker

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