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Homesuite Partners With Farm Hill

By Jon F.

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We know you, as office managers, executive assistants, and admin professionals, want the best for your team. That’s why you choose Homesuite for your corporate housing needs, and that’s why you’re going to love Farm Hill for catering.

Farm Hill makes it easy to share great-tasting, hand-crafted meals with your team. We offer three great services for companies: 1) daily employee lunch programs, 2) boxed lunch delivery, and 3) buffet-style catering.

Farm Hill takes pride in crafting great food from the best ingredients. Their wide variety will please everyone in your office -- whether they are looking for a crisp seasonal salad, sushi bowls, or a heartier entree (burrito bowls!). Everything they serve is made from scratch daily using the best ingredients and healthier-for-you preparations -- no frying, no preservatives, light on natural sweeteners and salt. Farm Hill makes meals that are as pleasurable as they are sustaining.

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Because they know the challenges of satisfying a group with diverse needs and tastes, they make sure to offer fantastic gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan options each day.

Together, Homesuite and Farm Hill are making your office life easier. Plus, get 20% off your office’s first Farm Hill order of $100 or more using code: HomeSuite2017. Start at https://www.farmhill.com/

Interested to learn more? E-mail Farm Hill at [email protected] or call them at 650-319-6775.

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by Jon F.

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