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Homesuite on HomeAway/VRBO: 9 Most Frequently Asked Questions

By Jon F.





We get a lot of questions about our relationship with HomeAway and VRBO, so we figured we'd answer the most frequently asked questions in a short blog post.

Homesuite is a marketplace of furnished, monthly apartments and homes. Some of our apartments and homes are also viewable on HomeAway (and their subsidiary VRBO). Here's our company profile on HomeAway.

Now for the FAQ:

  1. Is Homesuite owned by HomeAway? No. The two companies are entirely separate. We do have similar business models however and some Homesuite properties can be found through a HomeAway search. The biggest difference between us is that Homesuite focuses on stays of 1-12 months while HomeAway focuses on stays shorter than one month.

  2. Is there flexibility in the Homesuite pricing? Our rates are negotiated on your behalf for your desired dates. The rate quoted is determined by our property owners and Homesuite cannot lower it. You may find that the price information on a given Homesuite property differs a bit on HomeAway versus Homesuite. For the latest pricing info on Homesuite properties, your best bet is to search www.yourhomesuite.com

  3. Can you accommodate a stay of less than 30 days? As a licensed brokerage, Homesuite signs a lease for all of our stays. Because of this, we require a minimum stay of 30 days. 

  4. The move-in date is June 1st, but I would like to reserve the property June 15th, why can't I book it for a June 15th move-in? Because Homesuite offers exclusively monthly rentals, we do not accept bookings with a gap between move in date and availability date. We generally require move-in dates to be within seven days of the availability date. For example, if the earliest move in date is June 1st but you don't want to move in until June 15th, the landlord would not accept the booking.

  5. How do I check availability on HomeAway? Open up the calendar feature. Or just follow the easy HomeAway guide here.

  6. I inquired on a Homesuite property I saw on HomeAway. What next? Homesuite gets an alert. Our team checks with the landlord to ensure availability of the property. Then we contact you and have you fill out the application on www.yourhomesuite.com. Usually, the digital lease arrives in your email inbox within 24 hours of your application.

  7. I saw a place on VRBO, what's the connection there? VRBO is owned by HomeAway. Since Homesuite has an agreement with HomeAway to show our properties on their sites, that means that the listing also show up on VRBO. There's a good explainer article on the HomeAway/VRBO relationship here.

  8. There's a 5% deposit for HomeAway bookings. How does that factor in to Homesuite's invoice? If you book a Homesuite property on HomeAway's website, HomeAway will take a 5% deposit. That deposit does not apply as a credit to the price you pay on Homesuite. If however you book directly on Homesuite, you will not be charged that 5% fee.

  9. How can I make sure my booking is successful? If you find a place you'd like to book, double-check both the availability dates and the exact pricing on www.yourhomesuite.com

If you have any questions, we're here to help!

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by Jon F.

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