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Homesuite Tenant Guarantee

By Zachary Foisie


*updated September 11, 2017*

Finally, there's a way you can feel at ease and book furnished rentals with confidence thanks to the Homesuite Tenant Guarantee.

At Homesuite, we like to do things with a personal touch, which is why we went the extra mile to build a platform without surprises and scams.

How are we so sure? We screen every landlord before they sign a lease. We do this so you can book our furnished rentals with confidence and know every rental is real, legitimate, and exactly as represented. Still not sure whether a furnished apartment is right for your needs? Read our post on the perfect fit here.

We guarantee that every rental provided by Homesuite is represented accurately. For any eligible inaccuracy, we will make it right either through a full refund or by finding you a new rental that meets your standards.

An eligible inaccuracy is when a listing is, in writing, photos or other media, inaccurate according to any of the aspects listed below:

  • The number of rooms - including, but not limited to bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens - does not match the same values listed on our platform.
  • Property geographic location is not within 1000 feet of the advertised location.
  • Number of parking spaces or availablity of parking is not as advertised.
  • An inaccurate monthly rate or misrepresented lease start date or end date; and lastly,
  • A change in the status of pet-friendly housing.

If there is an eligible inaccuracy, a refund will be issued for any paid rent, security deposit, and other fees paid for the rental. We will then do everything we can to find you a suitable replacement.

Homesuite wasn't built like any ordinary rental marketplace. We want to make sure that tenants and landlords feel welcome and safe when booking through our platform.

More details on our Homesuite Guarantee can be found here.

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Homesuite is a leading provider of monthly furnished rentals and corporate housing for business travel. Homesuite homes combine the comfort of home with the professionalism of a hotel. Our customers include Google, Facebook, Microsoft and thousands of smaller businesses. In addition to our business offering, we also serve individuals traveling for work and personal reasons. Founded in 2014, we operate across the United States with specific focus in large urban markets. #HomesuiteHome

by Zachary Foisie

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