Facebook Employee Corporate Housing Options

Real estate is a hot topic in the Bay Area. Aside from chatting about the weather or Game of Thrones, real estate prices might be the next most popular water cooler topic. The major companies of the Bay Area like Google, Salesforce, and Facebook are proactively planning long-term real estate developments in order to help their workforces find housing. Google has recently purchased $800M in Sunnyvale area real estate as part of their bold corporate housing strategy.

Facebook has grand plans of its own. They will build the "Willow Campus" in Menlo Park, CA, which will include housing, retail, a hotel, green space and more. Construction will happen in phases over the next ten years, with the first phase scheduled for completion in early 2021. A mega project like this should help alleviate the current challenges surrounding Facebook employee corporate housing. 

Facebook Willow Campus retail_street_copyright_oma

There's a video explainer from Facebook here:

What's driving all of these big real estate development plans? The Bay Area has a housing shortage which is a large contributor to the incredible run-up in local real estate prices. The California state senate, led by Scott Wiener, is doing its part to help alleviate that problem, by introducing SB 35, also known as the Housing Accountability and Affordability Act. The aim of SB 35 is to "create a streamlined approval process for housing in cities that are not meeting their housing goals required by the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA)". 

While the Golden State waits for the passage of SB 35 and major developments like Facebook's Willow Campus,  the 2nd Address marketplace of on-demand furnished housing, rented by the month, is a great way to fill the gaps. Local property owners can list on our marketplace and get connected with trustworthy tenants. We focus on making the monthly leasing of furnished housing as streamlined and stress-free as possible, which helps to make the Bay Area real estate market more liquid and efficient.

Here's an excellent example of a comfortable studio at a reasonable rate, just a short drive from the Facebook headquarters office.

furnished studio apartment near Facebook

So whether you're a new Facebook intern, a visiting executive from abroad or even a subcontractor helping to build the new Willow Campus, if you need a comfortable furnished home or apartment rented on a month-to-month basis, take a look at 2nd Address.

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