Corporate Housing Listings Stand out with Video and 360 Photography

A study done a few years ago by showed that real estate listings with video got 4X the number of inquiries! Today, video and other rich media is even more important in order to attract and convert prospective renters.

2nd Address is pleased to announce that we’ve just launched the ability for our Hosts to add YouTube videos and 360 degree photography to their corporate housing property listings. This will not only increase listing viewings and inquiries for our Hosts, but it will also increase their conversion rate and decrease the time-consuming in-person showings necessary with some other extended stay platforms.

Here’s an example of a live 2nd Address listing with a walk-through video:


Click here to see the above listing on our site.

That’s not all! We’ve also added a call-out on property listing pages for properties that have been professionally inspected. There’s an example of what that looks like in another live listing below. One benefit to participating in our professional inspection program is that you’ll get immersive 360 degree photography to add to your property listing. It will also help qualify your property for the 2nd Address Business Stay Approved program if you haven’t yet been able to get the reviews that are normally required. If you’re a 2nd Address Host interested in getting a property professionally inspected, fill out the interest form at the bottom of this blog post. There is a small fee.


Click here to see the above listing on our site.

Interested in renting a furnished apartment by the month?

Great! If you see the Professionally Inspected badge on any 2nd Address listing page, you can rest assured knowing that this property is verified to meet or exceed the strict 2nd Address standards. In the near future, when you search on our site, you’ll see listings with rich media like 360 degree photography and/or video at the top of our search results. Start your search here.

Interested in listing your furnished apartment with 2nd Address?

Fill out the brief form below to apply! If you have a YouTube walk-through video that you’d like to add to your property listing page, simply go to the property edit page and find the uploader below the photo carousel. If you’ve never tried to film your own walk-through video, we created an easy guide for you to follow here so you can create your own and add it to your listings. Here’s an excellent example of a well-done 2nd Address property walk-through video.