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Business Travel’s Modern Makeover

By Jon Falker

Corporate Housing Beats Out Hotels in Both Comfort and Price

Say you have a temporary work assignment in the San Francisco Bay Area for the month of June. Maybe it’s an internship, or you’re a traveling nurse, or you’re a construction contractor working on the new Salesforce tower. Any kind of business travel that requires a stay of 30 or more days. You’ll want a furnished place that feels like home.

Where to stay? You hop on over to Hipmunk and run a quick hotel search. You find that hotels average about $250 per night.


Compare that to the HomeSuite results below. Average price per night is closer to $150. That’s a savings of 40%!

HomeSuite June search results.png

San Francisco corporate housing options in June via Homesuite


This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that a hotel room won’t feel nearly as homey as a curated apartment or home. You’ll want a full kitchen so that you can cook some meals. After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be nice to come home and be able to make some mac ‘n cheese?

If the potential cost savings are this dramatic, why don’t more companies guide their employees towards sites like Homesuite for stays of 30+ days? Some are starting to get smart. Google for example. They have implemented programs that reward their employees for saving money on business travel. There are interesting new services like Upside which are aiming to incentivize employees to save in creative ways. Upside rewards business travelers with both savings and gift cards when they book their travel in flight+hotel bundles.

It’s only a matter of time before large corporate travel booking services like American Express Global Business Travel or Carlson Wagonlit begin to guide employees of their clients towards services like Upside and Homesuite, as their clients demand better aggregate savings.

As The Balance points out, “With some sympathy to employers who are trying to control travel costs, asking employees to share rooms is not where to start - or finish.” Very true. Nobody wants to share a room with a coworker, no matter how strong your corporate culture is. However, what about two travel nurses sharing a beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom apartment? That might be preferable to living alone in a one bedroom and the cost savings would be even better.

With all of the action in this field, the potential for meaningful corporate savings on Travel and Entertainment will grow, without sacrificing the comfort of the traveling employee. Smart corporate travel agents, HR and Finance departments are getting on board.


Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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by Jon Falker

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