Why 2nd Address is the Best Rental Platform for Hosts

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Tech startups and online markets are the way of the future. As companies like Uber and Instacart transform the traditional markets of taxi cabs and grocery stores, 2nd Address is pushing to do the same for furnished apartment rentals. To better understand what makes 2nd Address the best furnished rental platform for hosts, I spoke with several of our hosts and employees. Here’s what they said.

Why do Hosts choose 2nd Address?

More money, less hassle, better tenants.

Before finding 2nd Address, Larry, a veteran Bay Area property manager, used traditional property management resources. Given his background in digital marketing, Larry “quickly connected with 2nd Address’s concept of an automated transaction.” 2nd Address, he says, “alleviates most necessary correspondences” between property managers and tenants and "guarantees far more qualified tenants” given our background, credit, and social media checks. We are a full service, online rental platform that streamlines the leasing process. 

Sandy, a LA property manager of four months, has enjoyed her time with 2nd Address thus far. “It’s really just a seamless process” with 2nd Address, she says. When asked why she chose 2nd Address, Sandy replied: “honestly, more money and less effort. 2nd Address is simply less work. The communication is really strong. I always get immediate responses from the team.” After just a few months, 2nd Address has provided Sandy with 75% of her new tenants.

Tanya, who is new to 2nd Address but has been a host for twenty years, awaits the arrival of her first tenants in two days. Though she has little experience with us, Tanya has already noticed that 2nd Address provides “unparalleled customer service.”

Why do our team members suggest 2nd Address for hosts?

Vetted tenants, strong partnerships, 100% legal.

Erin, our SF Partnerships Manager, made a critical point: “2nd Address is the only platform that is completely legal, especially with current regulatory activity regarding short term rentals. We are also the only service that is entirely free for hosts. All other platforms charge a small host fee.”

Andrew, a supply strategist, noted how easy it is to use 2nd Address as a host because the transaction is automated. “There are websites that help hosts find tenants and manage pricing, but we are the only service that helps hosts combine all processes into one place, making the leasing process much easier.”

Perhaps more importantly, 2nd Address deeply cares about its hosts. “We have staff working hard on Saturdays and Sundays to help facilitate a smooth stay for both hosts and tenants,” Danny, our LA Partnerships Manager, says. “We are not here to micromanage our hosts, but to work together as a team, deliver as many leases as possible, and streamline the transaction.”

So, why 2nd Address?

Expanding from coast to coast, 2nd Address is not your average platform for furnished apartment rentals. Lease your properties with 2nd Address for more money, less hassle, and better tenants. Working to move the entire furnished rental marketplace online, 2nd Address is proud to connect hosts with high quality tenants in an affordable and automated way. 

To hear more about why 2nd Address is the best rental platform for hosts, please feel free to call, email, or visit our host pageIf you're interested in listing your furnished apartment or home, we've got lots of excellent, free resources for you here.