Best Blogs for Hosts

Getting started as a host has a steep learning curve. Unfortunately, much of the knowledge is locked up in books or with the people that have experience. This makes it difficult to learn quickly, since often the advice is to learn through the experience of buying your first property and making all of the mistakes. 

Looking around on the web, it is hard to find the top host blogs that share that experience with others. We thought we would help out by doing the leg work of pulling together the best rental property blogs out there, so you can have a single place to find all of the knowledge. This list focuses on general host information. If you are interested specifically in maximizing profit through furnished apartments and corporate housing for business travelers, check out the 2nd Address host blog for more information.

Here are the top 19 host blogs on the web:

1. Bigger Pockets ( largest social networking site for real estate investors and a great source of knowledge.

2. No Nonsense Landlord ( general website from an experienced host

3. The Landlord Chronicles ( tips by Barb, an experienced independent property owner

4. Mother of All Landlords ( general advice

4. Let's Talk PM ( articles and forum on RE investment and property management

5. Ideal Real Estate Investing ( website focused on financial independence through investment

6. Rental Realities ( investment property and management information

7. Tenant Screening Blog ( focused on screening tenants to improve returns

8. Get Rich Slowly ( personal finance with a slant toward real estate

9. Real Estate in your Twenties ( focused on financial freedom through real estate investing

10. Hands on Real Estate Investing ( great blog for getting started as an investor

11. Memphis Invest ( real estate advice from Memphis Invest with a slant toward acquisition

12. Cornelius Camp ( general real estate tips with information on being an agent and an owner

13. Big Money Investor ( guide to financial freedom through real estate investing

14. Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice ( information from experts

15. Hipster Investments ( focused on real estate investing while minimizing the work

16. RE Tipster ( focused on part-time real estate investors

17. Just Ask Ben ( real estate investing to secure financial freedom

18. Invest Four More ( focused on tips for becoming financially independent through passive income

19. ( focused on investing and managing duplexes

We hope this list of the best host blogs helps! Best of luck!

If you're interested in listing your furnished apartment or home, we've got lots of excellent, free resources for you here.