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Apartment Prices In San Jose

By Zachary Foisie

If you’re moving to the San Jose area, some of the more appealing places to call home are in the Mountain View/Cupertino/Sunnyvale areas. These are thriving areas filled with young Silicon Valley techies with dreams that may be bigger than their wallets. Learn more about apartment prices in West San Jose and the Silicon Valley.

Searching for an apartment in these areas offers many options, and that’s where we come in. Below is a breakdown of the Mountain View/Cupertino/Sunnyvale/Saratoga area apartment rental prices. We’ve tried to break it down by interpreting data from Kwelia.com, which is a very useful site that puzzles together all of various areas of town with heat maps that show the average apartment rental price (price per square foot). It’s a pretty nifty tool.

Mountain View  mountain view

Most Affordable - South of the Moffert Federal Airfield are the best deals in Mountain View ($2.71/ft²). Closer to town, the west side of Mountain View has better prices ($2.93/ft²) than all other more central locations. In general, you’ll save quite a bit of cheese in the Mountain View area if you stay outside the edge of town.

Most Expensive – Staying in the nicer parts of Mountain View will cost you substantially more. The area around Pioneer Park is $3.90/ft².


Most Affordable – Between Sunnyvale and Mountain View, all along South Bernardo Ave has good deals ($2.66/ft² - $2.80/ft²). Plus, this gives you the option to claim both as your territory, and wait til you have a better grasp on the gang situation before you commit to running with the crew of your choosing.

Most Expensive – The area near San Antonio Park ($3.49/ft²) might be a little too ritzy for you cost-conscience apartment shoppers. Similarly, over behind Target and Macy’s shopping areas is $3.44/ft². Not so great news if you are a department store deal hunter.


Most Affordable – On the western outskirts of Cupertino, along Stevens Creek and N. Foothill Pkwy, apartment prices are more appealing at $2.55/ft².  Otherwise, try north of Cupertino near Nimitz School Park and north of Alberta Avenue ($2.63/ft²), or along Doyle Rd. ($2.26/ft² but farther from town).

Most Expensive – Most of Cupertino is priced in the $2.80/ft² to $3.00/ft² range, but the area near both Creekside Park and Wilson Park is the most expensive, only slightly ($3.11/ft²).


Most Affordable – Everywhere. I have admittedly never been to Saratoga, but the $2.38/ft² to $2.76/ft² price range is has me rethinking my priorities in life.

Most Expensive – The Los Gatos area is more expensive at $3.04/ft². Cats are so high maintenance.

We hope this small snippet of information helps you in your search for the perfect apartment. West San Jose has many desirable neighborhoods, so visit Kwelia’s website if geek-out further on some apartment price comparisons for other areas, or check out some of our other posts about additional locations in the Bay Area.

by Zachary Foisie

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