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Apartment Prices in San Jose and Santa Clara

By Zachary Foisie

If you’re not from the Silicon Valley or Bay Area, then you are probably shocked to see the cost of living. So, instead of buying or renting a house, maybe you opted for an apartment while saving up, only to realize that it is still really expensive. Apartment prices in San Jose and Santa Clara are some of the highest in the state.

We’ve analyzed apartment rental prices in the area and provided a guide below detailing the most affordable neighborhoods. In addition, we've included the most expensive areas to avoid for reference. The information is available through Kwelia.com’s neat interactive apartment price heat maps, showing the average rental prices for apartments in any given area.

Below is a breakdown of apartment prices in the eastern areas of San Jose (San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara and Milpitas). Fortunate for you, the entire area is pretty affordable in comparison to the neighboring towns of Redwood City, Palo Altos and Mountain View. 


apartment prices in san jose

Most Affordable – North of town, and south of Monroe Middle School (Williams Rd. to E. Hamilton) are several blocks of affordable housing ($2.16/ft² - 2.32/ft²). In fact, most of Campbell is pretty affordable, with the priciest areas only getting up to about $2.75/ft². To the south, near Cambrian Park, prices dip to $1.86/ft². Crime is also low in this area so it could be your spot.

Most expensive – The area around Trinity Lutheran Church is $2.78/ft².

San Jose

apartment prices in san jose

Most Affordable – The entire central San Jose area is very affordable (mostly $2.30/ft² to $2.60/ft²). With crime rate a bit high in the city, use your best judgment when shopping for cheap apartments. Nonetheless, near San Jose Municipal Golf Course, prices are $1.90/ft² and Communications Hill is only $2.04/ft². As you go much further south into more rural areas, you can expect a significant price break. From closest to furthest away, Morgan Hill ($1.91/ft²), Gilroy ($1.60/ft² - $2.00/ft²) and Hollister ($1.37/ft²) are all a good distance from San Jose. But, if you are on a budget, like peace and quiet and don’t mind commuting a bit, then these are your spots.

Most Expensive – The rentals around San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is on the higher end of the scale at $2.87/ft².

Santa Clara

apartment prices in san jose

Most Affordable – Most of Santa Clara is priced right at $2.40/ft² to $2.65/ft², so you’ll have a lot of flexibility if looking for an apartment here. 

Most Expensive – The neighborhoods south of Larry J. Marsalli Park, near Santa Clara University are priced highest ($2.90/ft²), but only slightly.


Most Affordable – In the vicinity of the Great Mall of the Bay Area (a prestigiously named shopping establishment), apartment rents are averaging only $2.08/ft². South and Northeast of the mall and town, the price jumps up $.50/ft²

Most Expensive – Around Alviso, Sunnyvale Baylands Park and the Marshlands in general, prices are over $3.00/ft².

Shopping for the perfect apartment is never easy, but the above tips should help you at least narrow it down to within your price range. Happy hunting!

by Zachary Foisie

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