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9 things millennials want in short term housing

By David Adams

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The millennial generation is distinctively different than folks on either side. As they are graduating from college and entering the workforce, many questions have been raised about how we can accommodate and evolve to meet these the needs of these different co-workers. In no sector is it more relevant than housing, which is at the center of people’s lives and one of the areas where this generation’s tastes distinctly diverge.

This post is focused on employers who are providing short term housing to 20-somethings, either for relocation, temporary business travel or a project. We have separate posts on housing for interns and general tips on finding housing for co-workers. This could be a project manager for a construction project, a traveling nurse or a tech company employee. We seek to answer the question: when employers are providing short term housing for millennial co-workers, what do they need to keep in mind?

Here are the top 9 things to keep in mind:

1. Personalized, unique experience

People in their twenties have a strong sense of their own personal identity and experience the world in very personal terms. They are not satisfied with encountering the world in the same way that everyone else encounters the world. They are attracted to products and services that make them feel like the product or service was built specifically for them.

It’s easy for short term stays to be very standardized and drab - think traditional corporate apartments or a franchise hotel. You should think about whether the temporary housing you are considering is unique and feels custom. You should ask the workers you are booking whether they have any special requests and take those requests into account.


2. Technology

Across the board, these folks rely and expect to rely on technology. Whether it be their smartphone, their laptop or their smartwatch, technology is the central fabric to their lives. They are comfortable with using digital services and believe that these services are the easiest way to get things done.

You can take on this trend by moving online. You should consider self-service options for booking corporate housing. You should also choose furnished apartment vendors based on their use of technology in booking and in-stay service.


3. Authentic

This generation is allergic to the feeling of an inauthentic experience. They do not want to feel like they are being pandered to or disconnected from reality, especially from brands. Be aware of this attribute while looking for rentals for these employees. They do not want to stay in stale and bland accommodations. Finding housing that is more personal and feels more like a home is an important part of being authentic.


4. Pet friendly

20-somethings are more likely to be pet owners than other generations. Make sure to check with your co-worker to make sure you can accommodate their pet if needed.

5. Convenience

It’s not called the on demand generation for nothing. Convenience is of massive importance for millennials and they are used to getting exactly what they want exactly when they want it. They are eating out more, living in urban areas and spending more on services to make their life easier.

Certainly you need to provide a high quality short term rental experience to prevent inconveniences. There needs to be minimal maintenance issues, basic amenities and easy move in and move out. This is tablestakes. You also need to think about location. It should be an easy commute to the office or project site, but also close to shopping and areas to eat.

6. Design

Millennials respond strongly to design. They have been trained by the most popular products of their generation, like Airbnb and Uber, to expect great design. Although design does not mean luxury, you should focus on providing clean and modern monthly rentals for your co-workers.


7. Social

Being social is about more than social media, although social media is important. It’s about being tied in with friends. These folks have certainly led the way in adoption of social media and you can expect they will constantly be engaged with their group of friends through apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. However, more and more, these folks are reverting to focus on connections with friends in the real world. They have busy social calendars with concerts, dinners and happy hours, and often travel on weekends and internationally with their friends.

You can capitalize on this trend by enabling new friendships among your workers. Short term apartments can provide a great way for your colleagues to bond. By nature, employees in temporary rentals are transient and in an unfamiliar place. Either by putting multiple staff in the same unit or finding units close to each other for your staff members, you can use this trend to build bonds between your colleagues and create company loyalty.

8. Environmentally friendly

This trend is happening across the world with the rise of brands such as Whole Foods and Toms. Your staff members are going to want to feel like they are staying in environmentally friendly accommodation. This includes recycling, use of water, use of electricity and overall LEED certification. If you can find modern rentals that is especially environmentally friendly, you can take advantage of this trend.


9. Healthy

Staying healthy is an important trend for 20-something staff members. This means physical health, such as exercise and dieting, and also more holistic health, such as yoga and meditation. Providing housing that has exercise options, such as a gym or a pool, is a huge plus. Additionally, being close to healthy eating options and grocery stores is important. In general, think about whether the lodging you are providing will promote a healthy lifestyle.

We hope this helps you in thinking about how to better provide short term housing for your millennial employees!


Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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by David Adams

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